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Labor Management Systems

Companies dislike the term ‘efficiency experts’ because it some cases it represent cost cutting only. The truth is that efficiency is getting more with less, which in most cases mean to increase throughput.

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Strategic Operation and Investment Studies

In depth assessment of the operations and financial benchmarking of the concept

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Prototype Engineering Design

This enables concepts to growth after the facility is optimized or right sized

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Every detail of our client operation is important to come up with the right solution for their needs.


Improve Unit Economics

Improving operations and efficiency is not a purely cost cutting exercise. Cost are a part of the equation, but the best way to improve the bottom line is by increasing the top line!

Typical Back of the House square footage improvement 85-90%
Throughput Increase 10-15%
Labor percent of sales improvement 0.25-2.5%

Improve Unit Economics!

over 130 clients
11 engineers employed
Over 70% of Top 100 Chains

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    Conversation between Juan Martinez and Ignacio Goris, both Principals and Founders of Profitality Labor Guru, an Industrial Engineering Consulting Firm that specializes in multi-unit operations. The topic is how to adjust labor during the Corona virus crisis. • Labor went from being a scare commodity to being abundant • Delivering food to clients has changed

    June 1, 2020
  • Shedding Light on Labor Analysis Methods

    FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • JANUARY 2020 I.Goris feslabor 2020  

    June 1, 2020
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