Labor Management System

Labor management systems are needed to control labor costs, they also improve operations, which translates into a better guest experience. You may already have a labor management software, Labor Guru can make it work! You’ve heard right labor in the right place at the right time many times, we can make it a reality.

Key Benefits

  • activity based modeling – Every activity is quantified
  • measure the labor needed for each activity
  • determine main labor drivers – not all units are created equal…
  • calculate optimal labor allowances – 
  • execution – integrate into back office software
  • continuous involvement – labor maintenance


The LABORGURU team has helped configure labor systems for more than 40 multi unit concepts impacting more than 80,000 food service venues!

  • We follow a proven process – Measure, quantify, calculate, verify & test
  • It is all about delivering impact! Reduce labor hours while improving service
  • There is an array of options than you can choose from