About Us

Ignacio Goris LABORGURU was created by Ignacio Goris in 2008. He has a Masters in Operations Research and Bachelors in Industrial Engineering. After spending over 15 years in the food service consulting industry focusing in labor system, he became an expert in labor management services… or the LABORGURU.

In LABORGURU, we provide comprehensive labor management services and operations consulting. We help companies quantify labor needs based on the activities performed at their unit level and can tell you how much time, what position and when labor hours should be used.


We are industrial engineers and operations experts with many years of experience designing labor management systems from beginning to end. We have experience with implementations utilizing a variety of platforms:

Integration to existing back office systems
Customized spreadsheets or web based support tool
Customize web based apps

Our team includes a consortium of partners that provide increased capacity without unnecessary overhead.

An important part of that consortium is Profitality, led by Juan Martinez, specializing in investment optimization. Facility Prototype Design, Retrofit Design, Process re-engineering are part of the offer to create Profitable Hospitality.