Computer Simulation


Utilizing the latest technology in 3D computer simulation to create models of any operating conditions

There are many methods of modeling systems which do not involve simulation but provide a deterministic solution. Simulation is recommended when

  1. The model is very complex with many variables and interacting components
  2. The underlying variables relationships are nonlinear
  3. The operation has random processes
  4. The model output is to be visual as in a 3D computer animation.

The power of simulation is that once a model is built to replicate an actual system, creating what if scenarios is very economical. Also testing options that might be too risky or expensive for the brand with real guests are also options.

  • Drive thru stack size alternatives
  • Multi lane vs single lane drive thru
  • Front counter register options
  • Kitchen capacity modeling
  • Monitor / ticket routing options
  • Labor staffing options and alternatives