Labor Standards

Labor Standards Development

Quantify the labor required for any process that takes place in your operation. A process that requires a labor standard is observed, broken into steps and the labor required is quantified.

Typical processes that need standards created are item assembly, order assembly, preparation, guest interactions (order taking, cash out, etc.), cleaning task, wrapping, etc.

If you already have a labor management system we can create standards for new products or process changes. If you don’t have a labor management system and are interested in developing one we can help there too! In that scenario labor standards will be created for all processes that take place in your restaurant.

Key Benefits

  • Standards are the foundation to create labor guide
  • You can’t manage what you can’t measure
  • Realize the savings of process changes

Standard types

Depending on the type of process to be documented we can use different techniques to ensure the accuracy of the standard:

  • Engineered Standards
  • Stop watch studies
  • Work sampling
  • Benchmark timings
  • Professional estimates