Prototype Engineering Design

Facility Engineering Design

Develop a new right sized facility, for a new prototype that improves the investment model, resulting in higher return-on-investment and profitability at the unit level. A concept that is developing aggressively should invest in optimizing their growth vehicle. A 100 square foot reduction means $10,000-$20,000 per store!

  • Reduction in Facility Size & Capital Costs
  • Reduction in Operating Costs (labor, food cost, utilities)
  • Improvement in Labor Efficiency
  • Reduction in Peak Staffing Deployment Levels
  • Equipment Capacity Analysis
  • Storage Modeling, Shelving requirements and Plannogram developmnent
  • Resource “Right sizing” (front and back of house)
  • Improvement in Customer Service
  • Increase in Sales Throughput
  • Improvement in Product Quality
  • Increase Unit Profitability & Return On Investment