Back Office Software Selection

Labor Software Selection

We can configure the labor system you already have to accurate forecast labor requirements….One key elements that software vendors normally fail to mention is that they won’t configure the system. Your team is responsible to configure the system so that the right labor is generated.

If the labor system you purchase is not properly configured, it will work to the extent of it’s capabilities!

Not all systems are created equal – we have vast experience configuring the most popular and the most unique software systems. Whether the system you have requires labor standards, labor tables/guides or plain labor hours we can translate your restaurant labor needs into the right input for your system.

Key Benefits

  • Verify the output of your system prior to implementation
  • Compare the output of the back-of-house labor management system against our proven labor engine
  • Estimate the impact of implementing the system prior to roll-out
  • Customize the standards or guides for your different store setups (if your system is capable of such customization)

Constant updates guarantee that the stores are getting the right labor. Your labor system will be managed by labor experts so the system is always current!


Our team has worked with many back office systems including

  • HotSchedules
  • Crunchtime
  • TMx
  • Altametrics
  • Kronos
  • Menulink
  • Rosnet
  • RemacsMany More!