Retrofit Engineering Design

Retrofit Engineering

Develop retrofit designs for the existing locations, to improve customer service and hospitality, increase throughput, sales and labor efficiency, as well as improve the delivery of product quality and consistency.

Re-engineer processes and procedures, labor deployment, equipment platforms and workstations design to eliminate existing production and facility bottlenecks that are inhibiting better customer service and throughput sales capacity. Simplify operating system design to facilitate the execution of the overall customer hospitality experience. Improve existing unit sales capacity and profitability

  • Detailed Process Mapping
  • Process Variance Analysis
  • Equipment Utilization Analysis
  • Bottleneck & Order Delay Analysis
  • Platform Equipment Re-Design
  • Labor Deployment Re-Engineering
  • Training Support
  • Kitchen Retrofit Re-Engineering
  • “Ergonomic” Station Design
  • Service and Throughput Impact Projection
  • Return-on-investment Analysis
  • Increase Existing Unit Profitability